Meet the Cogision team


Who came up with the idea to bring together a group of ambitious people to solve difficult business challenges together?

team member-AgaO
Agnieszka Olek
Partner, CX Designer
team member-DawidW
Dawid Wiener
Partner, Researcher
Project management

Who knows how to manage and support the team while taking care of our customers' needs?

team member-AdaSz
Adriana Szmuc
Project Manager
Service design

Who can define challenges and needs in order to turn them into solutions?

team member-ArturB
Artur Brzyski
Strategist, IT Service Designer

Who knows how to ask questions in order to get a reliable conclusion?

team member-WitekN
Witold Nowak
Research Team Lead
team member-KarolinaK_x1
Karolina Kabzińska
team member-GosiaP
Małgorzata Podolec
Experience design

Who knows how to design digital products and services that have value for users?

team member-LukaszB
Łukasz Belcarski
Design Team Lead
team member-MarekM
Marek Maciejewski
Visual Designer

Who takes care about our image and communication, so others hear about us?

team member-HaniaB_v2
Hanna Bielerzewska
PR & Communication Manager