Cogision Recognizes Businesses in Poznań, Poland, and the World

Here at Cogision we’re dedicated to providing new value for our clients. We were established in 2013 in Poznań, Poland to create neatly designed, user- friendly and secure dedicated high- performance products. Part of our dogma is to be a company that focuses on the customer and not our benefits. That’s why we’re also dedicated to small businesses, even though we primarily take enterprise clients. Because of this, that is why we want to take the time to praise small businesses today!

We’re a small business, allowing our team to excel at supporting businesses. Clients repeatedly praise our team for their professionalism, technical skills, and project management abilities. They are the backbone of our business! A great team may be the backbone of any small business, and small businesses are the backbone of the Polish economy! Us Poles have a startup spirit — not only are we the 4th largest market for the HBO series Silicon Valley, but we’re also the most innovative up and coming startup and small business hub in all of Central Europe! The World Bank even named Poland the third best place to launch and develop a startup in the world last year!

We’re so proud of our employees and our Polish homeland. Now it’s more important than ever to support your favorite small businesses. One of the best ways to do that is leave reviews on relevant ratings and reviews — and our review platform of choice is The Manifest. The Manifest allows you to connect with business leaders with trusted B2B service providers.


That’s why we’re honored to have a stellar 5.0-star average on The Manifest! In a recent perfect 5.0-star review, Patryk Müller at Grupa Pracuj of Warszawa Poland praised the Chatbot Dev we did for their job board, developing a tool allowing jobseekers to search via Messenger!

They greatly facilitated and shortened the process of designing the tool for us. The effects are very good.

— Patryk Müller, Grupa Pracuj

We’re incredibly grateful to Patryk Müller and to all our satisfied clients! If you’re interested in joining their ranks, please contact us today!